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Charity Support Application

We are excited to support your organization's efforts to make a positive impact in the community. Please fill out the following application and submit it as a PDF to be considered for a donation:

  1. Organization Information: Please provide us with your organization's name, mission statement, and a brief description of the work you do.

  2. Donation Request: What specific project or initiative are you seeking funding for? Please provide details on the amount of funding needed, the timeline for the project, and how the donation will be used.

  3. Impact Statement: How will the donation make a difference in the lives of the people you serve or the community you work in? Please provide specific examples of how the funding will contribute to your organization's mission.

  4. Budget: Please include a detailed budget for the project or initiative you are seeking funding for.

  5. Supporting Materials: Please attach any additional materials that you believe would be helpful in evaluating your application, such as letters of recommendation or press coverage of your organization's work.

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